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Useful Videos

Useful videos

We selected a number of short videos about occupational therapy training for your reference.
Therapists are welcome to provide us videos ( for publishing.

Centre for Health Protection, Hong Kong Department of Health - Children's Exercises

(December 7, 2017)

Teacher Da Chen's Sensory Integration Game - Little Rabbit Crossing the River

(2020-04-04 Reprinted with permission from Mr. Da Chen)

[Training Demonstration] Finger Brain Exercise (1): Hold your finger from left to right

( Occupational self-therapy OTSELFIE Annie reproduced with permission)

Jockey Club Home and School Children's Fun Project - Fun Dance (Simple Version)

(August 27, 2019 )

Teacher Da Chen's functional life training - "Children's Day Special Activities - Cup Games"

(2020-04-04  Reprinted with permission from Mr. Da Chen)

【Spring Rabbit】Spring rabbit | Play Creative Series Episode 2

(Aineng Functions and Functions Office  Reprinted with permission)

【雙翹電視台】第九集 雙翹教你7個練力膠小遊戲


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