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STT will update community information from time to time to make it easier for you to obtain the services you need.

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List of Kindergartens / Kindergarten-cum-Child Care Centres Participating in On-Site Pre-School Rehabilitation Services
(until January 2022)

Special Childcare Centres
(as od 2023 Aug)

List of Aided Special Schools (until September 2021)

List of Support Centre for Persons with Autism
(as of 2021Sep)

​What is On-Site Preschool Rehabilitation Services (OPRS)?

  • The government will regularize the "first-tier support service" in September 2023 and integrate it with the "school-based pre-school rehabilitation service" to provide comprehensive services to preschool children with different levels of special needs through an inter-professional service team and a school-based comprehensive model. , timely support.

  • Through the inter-professional service team of non-governmental organizations (members include occupational therapists, physiotherapists, speech therapists, clinical/educational psychologists, social workers, and special child care workers), students participating in the "school-based pre-school rehabilitation service" Kindergartens or kindergarten-cum-child care centers provide on-site training and support services in a school-based comprehensive model to children under the age of 6 who are assessed as having mild disabilities.

  • Multi-professional service teams will also provide support services to teachers/child care workers and parents/carers.

​(Data source: Social Welfare Department’s school-based preschool rehabilitation service website)

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