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Whether it's a one-person game or a two-player match, it's always fun!

Strengthen children's spatial concepts, hand-eye coordination and concentration during games. The entire set of toys does not involve text and is suitable for people aged four and above from any cultural background.

The game method is very simple. After placing 8 chess pieces, randomly draw a picture card (there are two levels: simple and complex; when choosing to play the simple level, you must take away a red chess piece each), and move the chess pieces without taking out the chess pieces. , the one who completes the pattern the fastest wins. The two-person match can be decided in a best-of-five-set series!

Each box of Puck Puzzle includes:

a bell

16 chess pieces (the diameter of the chess piece is about 3.5cm)

2 chess pieces

40 picture cards

an instruction manual

Puck Puzzle board game

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